The Open School of Neo-tropical Animal Science and Production


Welcome to AGLS 6502!

Welcome to this very compact and interesting course on the Neo-tropical Zoos, Animal Wildlife Management and Production! Some of you will be taking this as your only course on Animals and Neo-tropical Wildlife. While for others this may lead you into a very interesting and rewarding world of Neo-tropical animals. 


Here you may choose to spend the rest of your life. I do hope that all students enjoy this course as much as I have enjoyed developing it for you and teaching it to wonderful learners like yourselves over the last nineteen (19) years.  This course was first offered in 1995-96 academic year and for me the teaching of the course has been more enjoyable each year.

A very important feature of this course [that was specially designed by me to help make your learning enjoyable] was/is that the course has five (5) learning and teaching approaches. They are as follows:

  1. Lectures - Didactic or the Face to Face mode i.e. You listening to the lecturers, but this year for the very first time, they will  be doing very little talking [most of your notes will be given to you in advance as PDF files or on the OSTASP website];
  2. Field Trips - involving visits to a Farm, a Livestock Research and Development Facility and to the Emperor Valley Zoo [EVZ] i.e. You will be making your own observations within a real Animal Production Environment;
  3. Slide Session - at the beginning of the Semester to bombard you with visual images [this will be an evening session and would also include the second year students from the School of Veterinary Medicine];
  4. A Week End Activity, and
  5. A Game- The Playing of a Game that would involve Problem Solving and a Presentation i.e. You will be doing some learning by playing a futuristic business game that would involve problem solving, group discussions, and a Final Presentation and Formal Report.  This will be a new teaching initiative being used this academic year.

I assure you that if you work on the activities within  the group to which you will be assigned this semester, by the end of the 13th week of  the semester you can walk out of the classroom and write the exam with ease!!



Prof. Gary W. Garcia, Department of Food Production, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine. Updated: 18-Jan-2015