The Open School of Neo-tropical Animal Science and Production


Welcome to VETM 1003!

Hello and welcome to all the students of this class. We are sure that you would never regret having signed up for Veterinary Medicine, BUT it is going to be a long haul. In addition we would like to let you know that VETM 1003, VETM 1004, VETM 1005 and the Problems of the Problem Based Learning [PBL] sessions will be your first and only courses in Animal Production within your Degree Programme in Veterinary Medicine.


This would be the foundation upon which your DVM degree would be developed and built.  We will also like to let you know that it would be one of the most enjoyable and exciting courses that you will ever take at the University of the West Indies. This year we have tried our best to present the different disciplines to you in a very logical and organized manner. Therefore it will be important for you to work slowly and systematically throughout the semester.


This semester we have planned for you to cover the material in this course in parallel with the Problems or Cases presented to you in the Problem Based Learning [PBL] sessions. Your PBL sessions this semester will be drawing on the materials that you would be given in this course. We also have a group email account for Animal Production so that for the first time we shall be introducing you to an “Open Classroom”.


When you visit the website of the “Open School of Tropical Animal Science and Production” you can download some of the Teaching Material for this course. Never the less as the material becomes available it would be posted in the group email account as FILES.


As mentioned earlier this course VETM 1003 has three (3) other companions; VETM 1004, VETM 1005 and the PBLs. This semester there will also be two (2) companion activities for all these courses. The activities will be as follows:


[1] a night time Slide Session that will be at the St Augustine campus on Wednesday 28th February [week 2 of this semester] from 7 to 10 pm; and


[2] a week end Field Trip  [week 3 of this semester] as follows:
- Saturday 7th February to the University Field Station [5:30 am] and The Sugarcane Feeds Centre;
- Sunday 8th February to the Emperor Valley Zoo [8:00 am to 2:00 pm].


We do hope that you would have a wonderful time with Animal Production this semester. Good luck and welcome to our “Open Classroom”. This [your first handout] in this course is going to describe for you the way in which this course has been organized and how it will be conducted for your enjoyable learning.  Please do enjoy !
Please read carefully and understand the contents of this communication and the Course Outline!



Prof. Gary W. Garcia, Department of Food Production, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine. Updated: 18-Jan-2015