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7th International Conference for the Managment of Wildlife in Amazonia



7th International Conference for the Management of Wildlife in Amazonia  and Latin America - 2006 September 3-7, Ilheus, Brazil



 Dr. Garcia would like to draw attention the above captioned Conference which will feature a special  session on the Problems & Strategies for Wildlife Conservation of Small Island States. He  has been asked to organize a session (see attached letters) and would like to invite your  participation. The following are the objectives of this particular session:
 1. Sharing of Experiences

 To have workers of Small Island States (SIS) share hteir experiences (successes and  Failures) in the management, conservation, production, and utilization of neo-tropical  Animal Wildlife species (terrestiral and aquatic);
 2. Identifying of Common Strategies
 To develop general and specific strategies and modalities for the management, conservation,  production and utilization of neo-tropical animal wildlife species within neo-tropical SIS  context;
 3. Develop and Encourage Contact & Collaboration
 To encourage zoos, animal wildlife conservation managmeent, production, and utilization initiatives  within the SIS to develop better collaborative activities that would encourage greater output of  their efforts through better synergies of their resource use.


Important Dates to Remember
 Date of Submission of Title & Abstract of Oral or Poster Presentation: 2006 March 31.
 Date of Conference: 2006 September 3-7.


 Dr. Garcia is also pleased to advise that he is in the process of developing an electronic  Journal on Neo-tropical Wildlife and would like the contributions to this session to become  the first number of this journal. The information on the proposed E-Journal of Neo-tropical  Wildlife could be obtained from the website of The Open School of Tropical Animal Science &  Production at the address:


As you may be aware, biodiversity management of small island states is one of the focal points for  research that has been identified for the UWI St. Augustine Campus. Your participation and  contribution would therefore be welcome. Please respond electronically to Dr. Garcia would like to lend his thanks as the Senior Lecturer in Animal Production. 



Download and View letters:


Letter to Dr. Garcia from the President of the 7th International Conference for the Managment of Wildlife in Amazonia


Letter to Colleagues from Dr. Garcia Part1

Letter to Colleagues from Dr. Garcia Part2



Dr. Gary W. Garcia, Ph.D.,

Department of Food Production, Faculty of Science and Agriculture,

The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine.