The Open School of Neo-tropical Animal Science and Production




Welcome to ENRM 2003!

Welcome to this very compact and interesting course on the Non-domestic Wildlife [Animal] Resources and Management. A more appropriate name for this course would be Neo-tropical Animal Resources and Management. This is because we loosely use the term “Wildlife” to mean non-domestic animals. However, the term “Wildlife” correctly means “plant and animal populations not under the management of humans” and in this course we shall only be concerned with animals.


Some of you will be taking this as your only course on Animals and Neo-tropical Animal Wildlife. While for others this may lead you into a very interesting and rewarding world of Neo-tropical animals. Here you may choose to spend the rest of your life, like I have chosen to do.


I do hope that all students enjoy this course as much as I have enjoyed developing it for you. There is also another course, AGLS 6502 Tropical Zoo and Wildlife Production and Management. I developed this latter course during the middle 1990s when it was OK to use the term wildlife to mean non- domesticated local animals.


I have been teaching that course to wonderful learners like your selves over the last nineteen (19) years. However, this will be the first time that ENRM 2003: Non-domestic Wildlife [Animal] Resources and Management is being offered. You are therefore the “Guinea Pigs” for this course and I hope that it would be enjoyable for you.


As there may be possible clashes between ENRM 2003 and other Biology and Agriculture courses, you may want to deregister from ENRM 2003 (3 credits) and register for AGLS 6502 [5 credits] which is on Wednesday and Friday nights from 5 to 7 pm. If you choose to take that route we could explore the possibilities as soon as possible.




Prof. Gary W. Garcia, Department of Food Production, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine. Updated: 18-Jan-2015