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   4/25/2024 2:40:17 AM




The primary objective of this “manual for farmers and livestock production specialists” is as a reference in formulating tropical non-conventional animal feeds with sugarcane derived ingredients (SDFs) as the basal feed resource(s) within the diets. This manual attempts to take into account the diverse farm situations that exist within the Caribbean region and elsewhere in the tropics.


Practices must be adjusted according to the specific farm situation and new information generated. This guide suggests alternatives for the possible use of the entire sugarcane plant and its by-products (bagasse, straw, stem/stalk, juice, and molasses) for animal feeding (to pigs and ruminants). The First Edition was initially written in French for distribution within the French Farming Environment. This English Edition was translated from the French version and then modified and adapted to suit the needs of the farmers within the English-speaking Caribbean. One thousand copies of this first edition have been printed [500 in French and 500 in English].

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Dr. Gary W. Garcia, Ph.D.,

Department of Food Production, Faculty of Science and Agriculture,

The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine.