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   3/1/2024 9:45:28 AM




Dr. Garcia would like to recruit computer science majors who would want to pursue undergraduate final year projects with him. The final year project would involve designing a recording system for neo-tropical species of animals. This system should also be able to store information on pedigrees, family trees and individual animal records. Additionally, he would like a math oriented program made for herd projections.

He needs 7 computer science majors to aid him in these projects; each one working on a different species of animal. These animals are the agouti, quenk, lappe, manicou, deer, cocrico and the capybara. 

Such a final year project helps to bridge the gap between different disciplines of science to produce results which benefit us all environmentally and as a society. Any final year students, who are interested, please contact Dr. Gary W. Garcia at the following addresses: 

Dr. Gary W. Garcia, Ph.D.

Department of Food Production

Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Sciences

The University of the West Indies

St. Augustine, Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.





Dr. Gary W. Garcia, Ph.D.,

Department of Food Production, Faculty of Science and Agriculture,

The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine.